Let’s face it, the key to a successful event, is a combination of factors choosing the right venue, having a solid team, and ensuring quality of service to maximize sales during the event.

Climax Lounge is by far the biggest venue to host any indoor event. With two (2) floors and bars on each floor you host a number of events at our venue. You can choose a number of different options including door package or door and bar package. Our team is dedicated to work with local and international partners to make doing business with us easy. 

If you don’t know how to pull the pieces together, just request that one of our event coordinators assist you and see how we can partner with you to make it happen!

Provide us with as much details as possible using the form and lets see how best we can work together and make your event a success!

Bookings Email: bookings@climaxlounge.club 

Telephone: (242) 393-5000 or (954) 338-6841